The Unexpected Love Story of Lexie Byrne (Aged 39 1/2)



An irresistible love story . . . delivered with sparkle and wit (in a too-tight red dress!) Meet Lexie Byrne. The big 4-0 is looming, but she’s perfectly content without a man. How else could she watch movies on repeat and eat crisp sandwiches in bed? Finally free of her love-rat ex, she’s never settling again. Nothing less than ‘The One’ will do. Then, after an electrifying encounter on a wild St Patrick’s Day, Lexie takes a leap of faith and a flight across the Irish Sea. But as sparks fly, Lexie’s dreams take a serious nosedive. Until an arrival no one anticipated . . . Will the unexpected love story of Lexie Byrne have a happy ending after all?’A fun, warm-hearted romp’ Marian Keyes’Fiercely funny and heart-warming!’ Laura Whitmore’A fabulously funny read. Perfect for sisters who are doing it for themselves.’ Irish Independent’Touching, moving and laugh out loud hilarious!’ Elaine Crowley, Ireland AM

ISBN: 9781785303852

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Lexie Byrne is perfectly content approaching 40, as a singleton. After all, she can watch Dirty Dancing on repeat while eating cheese and onion crisp sandwiches in bed. Her ex-fiancé Dan, cheated yes, she was flattened yes, but she picked herself up and in hindsight, had a lucky escape. Lexie’s best friend is Annemarie, who, at 42, has settled for Tom, desperate for a baby. But when Lexie meets Adam and she feels a chemistry that almost makes her head explode, Annemarie strongly disapproves. Annemarie says everything is moving way too fast and insists on flying with Lexie when she goes to visit Adam, despite the fact that she thinks she might finally be pregnant. When they arrive at Adam’s, Lexie soon discovers that he has a very complicated past, and an even more complicated present.

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