The Complete Fishing Manual



Whether you’re an experienced angler or have only just picked up a rod, this is an indispensable reference guide to fishing.

The Complete Fishing Manual is your definitive guide to all things fishing, covering everything from strategies and techniques to bait, tackle, and kit. This manual will assist you every step of the way.

Within the pages of this manual you’ll find:

– Fully illustrated with high-quality photography and illustrations
– Information covering fishing techniques in all types of conditions and waters, from freshwater to saltwater
– Essential advice on anatomy, behaviour, and habitats
– Assistance from the very beginning all the way to the final catch, including getting your licence and reeling in your line
– Step by step diagrams on how to prepare your rod for different types of fish
– Includes how to fit and use different types of accessories to enhance your chances of catching fish
– Diagnostic spreads go from symptom to solution – the manual will answer all of your fishing questions
– The world’s best fishing locations and the species you can find there

Whether you’re a pro, fly-fishing in the rivers of the UK or a novice figuring out the reel, this manual has all the information you need to plan your next fishing adventure. Vivid illustrations and detailed photographs draw you in, offer essential advice on anatomy, habitat and behaviour. Details of every fishing strategy and technique can be found within these pages, ensuring you are ever-ready.

Casting your net further to the north of Italy and beautiful Spain, this book also takes you on a journey through the world’s best fishing destinations, acquainting you with once-in-a-lifetime species found in this region.

Complete the series:
The Complete Manual series is an exciting, informative and vividly illustrated series of books. With titles such as The Complete Bike Owners Manual, The Complete Sailors Manual, and The Complete Gardener’s Manual, this series offers a beautiful cross-section of titles for keen hobbyists.

ISBN: 9780241476024

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The definitive guide to fishing, covering everything from strategies and techniques to choosing bait, tackle and equipment. There is advice on anatomy, behaviour and habitat and detailed photography on every technique.

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